IMG_20190527_172323Human Initiative Network (HIN) is an indigenous not for profit organization dedicated to promote and protect the social opportunities of young people especially women and children. Its mission is to improve quality of life of vulnerable and marginalized individuals in Liberia and Sierra Leone by empowering them through interventions that increase access to education, health care, democracy, and sustainable incomes. Since its establishment in 2013, HIN has implemented a dynamic strategic plan that includes service delivery, advocacy, and partnership building. then, the organization has remained committed with it Mission, Vision and Goals working with rural people and communities, the organization has been in existence since 2013.

During this period it has carried out development projects including Peace, Sustainable Development, Gender issues and advancements of women, etc. in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The organization’s focus has therefore been the development and implementation of programs and projects that target vulnerable people especially women, children and youths in emergency and other situations.